Stop Farting at Night

Flatuence is a gas by prodcut caused by indigestion and can cause bloating or discomfort. To stop farting at night one needs to watch what they eat especially if one cannot digest sugars in milk.

Therefore avoiding dairy products is an added advantage. Try and eat food abit early than the rest so that food is given ample time to digest before going to sleep.

Snacks also cause flatuence at night because they fats. Using a food diary to track what you eat is of importance therefore being able to know what kind of foods causes the flatuence and at what time do they happen mostly.

Try having a light meal in the evenings and try and eat foods that are high in fibre like vegetables and fruits.

Medicine can also be taken to encounter this problem or some oils like cinnamon oil mixed in water and taken at bedtime.

An existing prevailing medical condition may be present or developing. Its therefore important to visit a doctor if the above solutions dont work to stop farting at night.