Stop Farting In Your Sleep

Some Tips On How To Stop Farting In Your Sleep

It is an embarrassing moment to stay at a friend's and start farting during the night. There are certain things you should learn to stop farting in your sleep.

You should first start thinking about your way of life and especially the food you eat. Doing this you may forget about this unpleasant problem.

You have to try avoiding foods which are considered as ones that cause flatulence. These are beans, bran, eggs, cauliflower, raisins, cabbage, onions, apples and sweeteners.  

You probably do not know that drinking soda pop may cause your problem. Stop drinking it before you go to bed. This is a fast and easy way to stop flatulence in your sleep.

You can dissolve some baking soda in a glass of water, little salt and the juice of one lemon and drink it

These things could help you learn how to stop farting in your sleep.